The Resilient Life for Law Enforcement

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The Resilient Life for Law Enforcement


Living the Resilient Life Workshop for Law Enforcement Professionals

Being an Emergency Responder is anything but easy.

There are challenges from the department, home and the street that you have to manage with minimal disruption. Effective decision making is critical because sometimes lives weigh in the balance. When it is time to end the day, there may not be anyone to talk with that understands your stress. Resiliency will teach you not just to bounce back but how to effective practices and techniques for the long term so you can improve your situation or eliminate un-managed stress. We teach you many tools to help you gain perspective, resiliency, and emotional intelligence.

You will have the ability to interact with Psychologists, board certified counseling professionals, and faith-based Counselors & Coaches as you design your personal road-map to wellness.

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In this experience you will learn valuable assessment tools to gauge your level of Resilience, Perspectives, Emotional Intelligence, and how you are perceived with connecting with your colleagues. These are essential elements of resiliency. We will also connect on powerful decision making skills that you can put into action right away. This Resilient Life experience offers you the ability to share life with colleagues and establish new relationships with other departments around the northern IL area.