“O to have a safe place to go where I can talk out my problems”

Whether you’re trying to improve a situation in your life or overcome a major challenge, Living the Resilient Life™ program will equip you to adapt and overcome through the ups and downs of life.

We will help you build a road-map to wellness. Living the Resilient Life™ means you build a blue print that provides you:

  • Confidence; in knowing how to manage the stress of the unknown
  • Encouragement; to know how to handle the life’s unexpected surprises
  • Affirmation; that you are not alone! There are wonderful accountability partners willing and eager to help you along the way
  • Celebration; the milestones and successes of your roadmap

“Living the Resilient Life” workshop is the first of many events in your life. You will also have the ability to have:

  • Confidential 1 on 1 discussions with professional clinicians
  • Victory Retreats; a time to celebrate the success people just like you, who want to encourage others from around the world who are on their journey
  • Get Lost excursions; an unexpected day or half day off to have fun and rest

We have created an interactive workshop where you are at the drivers seat and you get to experience building a road map toward your life, your situation, your personality, your barriers, and your victories.

We seek to help you live a life of resiliency. It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing a career change, retirement, relationship issue, a form of depression, or even contemplating something more intense. This approach of resiliency will help you breathe and see and live, for the first time, again.

Join Dr. Al Keating, Doctor of Psychology, with over 30 years in mental health and Tim Perry, Emergency Response Chaplain & Professional Development Specialist for over 25 years have come together to bring you “Living the Resilient Life”.

Come join us for an incredible experience!

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