Resilient Life Workshop for Emergency Room Staff

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Resilient Life Workshop for Emergency Room Staff


Being an Emergency Room Professional is anything but easy.

The Resilient Life Series was created for the wellness of Emergency Responders such as Police, Fire, 911 Dispatch, Coroners, Emergency Room Staff and their families. This development experience will concentrate on Emotional Intelligence, Perspectives and Emotional Decision Making using the 10-41 P.I.E.S. Approach. These are the pillars to improving:

  • Self-Awareness: The core indicator to discovering what makes you tick, it is the reason the next three do or don’t work
  • Self-Management: The key ingredient to understanding your career, personal life, department life, and much more
  • Social Awareness: The necessary skill of managing your emotions in people groups whether it is public or private
  • Relationship Management: The critical life competency all officers must manage through times of stress and pressure

You are the one that is in charge of managing your life. No one should care more than you about keeping yourself emotionally and physically healthy. You are in the drivers seat, but you need credible information and coaches along the way, we provide this and more.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Tim Perry, President, 10-41 Incorporated e at 847-980-5003.

Cost: $125, discounted for Emergency Responders (Police, Fire, 911, Coroners, ER Staff)


Location: location will be provided after registration.



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The Resilient Life will equip you to bounce forward by employing best practices and techniques from Emotional Intelligence, Perspectives, and Emotional Decision Making using the 10-41 P.I.E.S. Approach to wellness. You will have the ability to interact with Psychologists, Counseling Professionals, and faith-based Counselors & Coaches as you design your personal road-map to wellness.

After the class you will have the ability to receive coaching and or counseling from certified professionals that will help you move to a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Learning is rarely just a class, but an experience that tests the learning content in your life, in the real world. We are with you for the long term.