Tim Perry
Tim PerryPresident & Founder
Dr. Al Keating
Dr. Al KeatingDoctor of Psychology

“Living the Resilient Life™”, a Collaborative Idea

Both Tim Perry and Al Keating are committed to providing continuous improvement to life intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for Emergency Responder’s. They have committed their lives to the specialized care of Police, Fire, EMTs, 911 Dispatch Operators, and much more.

In 2007, we began writing and challenging the charter and finally in 2009, we began testing the content in corporate boardrooms and classrooms across the country. As the need for resiliency grew it became apparent that professionals were hungry for a different approach than just sitting in a one way lecture.

Mental Health providers of critical incident care know that receiving timely and quality care can save lives. It is like a bullet proof vest for life, and so it was named, The Resilient Life Workshop!

This is not a silver bullet but it gets us closer to the heart of the issue, unmanaged stress. We can begin to get to the root of the challenges that are causing distractions, and in some circumstances, tragic deaths for Emergency Responder’s across the world.

It takes courage to commit to a road-map to wellness but we want our family of Emergency Responder’s across the country to know that we care enough to commit resources, talent, and finances to the problem.

Here is to your future victory!