“Living the Resilient Life” 

A unique experience designed to help you manage the challenges of your life.
Emergency Responder’s live a life of hidden stresses that diminish performance, freeze our ability to make decisions, and even take the lives of brave and wonderful people.

It’s Time For Something Different!

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Resilient Spouse gatherings now forming – FREE!

The Resilient Marriage – join us for a morning breakfast where no one is allowed to point the finger, laughing is required, and you leave better than when you came.

The Resilient Leader – Leaders get a new tool in their belt that equips you with Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Perspectives. The world is moving faster than you think, get these skills and learn the resilient edge

The Resilient Corporation – The expectations are higher, the expenses are climbing, and you have to do more with less. Learn these cutting edge tips to sharpen up and stay ahead of the wave.

The Resilient Athlete – The expectations are unrealistic, the money is blinding, and the distractions are amazing. You need a boundary setter so you don’t lose the edge. Get in this class!

The Resilient Faith Based Leader – We are told to get knowledge and wisdom, but above all, we are to gain understanding. This is the event that sets the new bar for you, the faith-based leader!

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Law Enforcement/911 Dispatchers

US-CRIME-SCHOOL SHOOTINGThe stresses never let up! Few know what it is like to draw your gun, let alone use a gun on another person. Every day brings on a foot chase, breaking up a domestic fight, drugs, gangs, and the fight between regulations and bureaucracy, it never seems to let up. Where can I go to think it through?

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Fire Fighters/EMTs

US-CRIME-SCHOOL SHOOTINGNo one really knows what it is like to be me. Who could possibly understand what it feels like to go into a smoke-filled building with 40 pounds of gear and an air mask. To climb that ladder, enter through a roof, pull someone out of the lake? Where do I go to deal with these feelings of darkness?

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 Spouses of Emergency Responder’s

marriageTroubleBeing a spouse of an Emergency Responder is anything but easy. In addition to challenges that exist in every marriage, you face demands that are uniquely challenging: your mate shares very little of what goes on at work so you won’t worry or may be facing forms of addictions or dependency.

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