The Resilient Leader – We build conferences around you, call for information, 847-890-5003

The Resilient Leader – We build conferences around you, call for information, 847-890-5003


Leadership. Hundreds of the lessons taught over a corporate lifetime only to go back to work and continue practicing reaction and revenge.

It is time to serve your people and treat yourself to a buried transformer that has been overlooked for ages. Its calling cards are Resilience, Perspectives, and Emotional Intelligence. Every leader needs it, but few leaders really know how to use it.

You have employees and managers that are struggling to know their purpose in their professional and personal lives. Their life is unbalanced, and you are seeing the remains of their corporate soul while the customer demands are growing every day.

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Date/Time:  contact us at 847-890-5003

Cost: $225


Notes: Beverages will be provided.

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Product Description

Effective decision making is critical in any size organization. When it is time to end the day, there may not be anyone to talk with that understands your stress. Resiliency will not teach you to bounce forward with effective practices and techniques so you can eliminate unmanaged stress while utilizing cutting edge leadership techniques.

The younger generation are growing tired of the Boomers leadership style and the managers don’t understand why they act the way they do. Let this experience in Emotional Intelligence and Perspectives show them the new way. We help you understand how to assess your current level of resilience, perspective, and emotional intelligence. Then we teach you how to use it to your advantage.

You will have the ability to interact with Psychologists, board certified Counseling professionals, and Coaches as you design your personal road-map to wellness. If you are waiting on success of the church by way of attendance, finances, and reduction of conflict to define your happiness, you are setting yourself up for an upset. Come find the swing you may have lost and let us help you experience the joy of leadership you were intended to have.

We must receive good counsel so as not to perish, let this be the place you discover your adventure.