The lives of our Fire Fighters have been taken from us way to early by a silent killer. It’s time to bring back “hope”; it’s time to learn how to live the “Resilient Life”!

It’s Time For Something Different

You are invited to attend an innovative experience where you can learn to overcome challenging situations that are robbing us of the joy we were meant to live. Being resilient to life’s ups and downs is not easy, but we will help you step by step.

Dr. Al Keating (Doctor of Psychology, with over 30 years in health & wellness), and Tim Perry (Emergency Response Chaplain & Professional Development Specialist for over 30 years) have come together to bring you “Living the Resilient Life”. This is an interactive approach to building a personal road-map to overcome the challenges of your life.

Fire-FightersYour challenge could involve careers matters, communications, relationships, financial, workplace conflict, or even if your contemplating something more intense.

You will have the ability to work with professional clinicians, workplace coaches, and even faith-based advocates on your road-map to wellness. It is on us to manage our own destiny!



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